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If you like playing games, finding shortcuts, or solving puzzles, then guess what: you have exactly what it takes to be an expert coder! Samaira Mehta is all about making complex concepts entertaining, just as she simplified coding and AI through her chain of educational but engaging board games: CoderBunnyz, CoderMindz, and CoderMarz. Now she is inspired to create an end-to-end plan on how one can gain a thorough understanding of coding and artificial intelligence (AI) fundaments in just four steps. So, join her in learning how your competitive and curious nature translates directly to coding & AI expertise; pick up concrete computer science and AI principles all while playing games you’ll love to play! 



This plan is meant to introduce young kids, around the ages of 7-14, to coding and AI. No prior experience is required. 



This is a 4-step plan, and each step takes about an hour to complete. It can be done over the course of 4 days, weeks, etc.



The entire curriculum can be completed online. A computer is the only necessary tool to complete this program. 


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Through a simple game of Hangman, we will introduce the magical world of coding! It’s crazy how such a common game can introduce computer science concepts like sequencing, data types, variables, decision statements, while loops, and booleans. We will even learn how to create an algorithmic flow chart of the hangman gameplay. Finally, we will utilize these as we create our first video game: Brick Breaker.

Jump into writing real code in class 2! Play a level of Samaira Mehta’s first and signature board game, CoderBunnyz, through which students will hone in and focus on if-then-else logic, while repeat loops, and creating functions. Then, they will utilize these skills as they create their first project in Python and learn basic syntax. They will leave this class feeling empowered in their ability to create code.

Dive into some of the most custom games played as a child growing up, including Simon Says, and board games like Monopoly, and Chutes & Ladders to see how concepts needed in app development, such as if/then/else, while & repeat loops, variables, and booleans are sneakily embedded in these frolics! Then apply these concepts to create your very own “Cash Runner” app!

We often hear so much about artificial intelligence (AI), but what really is it? Let's break down the concepts of AI, specifically machine learning, into easy examples that make sense. Explore feature extraction, classification, and image recognition, and learn about convolution neural networks by playing Samaira’s board game, CoderMindz, and apply these concepts to create a game of rock paper scissors, where you get to play against the computer!

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Seeing the smiles on kids' faces as they learn to code brings Samaira the most joy! She'd be beyond excited to teach this 4-step coding plan to the students of your institute. Keep in mind, each step takes an hour to teach, and so Samaira's seminars can take place over 4 days, weeks, etc. But just fill out the request form to the right, and we can start the conversation from there!

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Self Study, Self Pace!
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Use the curriculums for yourself! Just send a request to the access full lesson plans, and use it at your own pace. Dip your feet into the world of coding, and use it as an engaging way to inspire you to further pursue your coding endeavors. Or at least you will leave the course feeling like you have a decent understanding of a skill almost vital in today's world: computer science.

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Start your own "Coding as Easy as 1,2,3,4" Chapter!

Starting your own "Coding as Easy as 1,2,3,4" Chapter is a great way to bring fun coding education to your corner of the world! What's in it for you? You get volunteer hours, a great addition to your resume, and so much more. Fill out the form to the right to begin the process of creating your own chapter and the Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code team will be in touch with you shortly to help you as you start this club!

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Here we will share any upcoming coding workshops that you can join! At the moment, there are no upcoming events that are open to the public, but you can fill out the "Book Samaira" form above to have Samaira hold an event at your institution!

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